planning a trip to las vegas forum shops and canal shoppes

Kalifano's Guide to the Forum and Canal Shops

Planning a trip to Las Vegas can be a whirlwind, and with so many things to pack into a trip, it can feel overwhelming! There...
October 13, 2019 — Jessica Magallon
what is a geode and where to find them

Everything You Need to Know About Geodes

What are Geodes? How do they form? Where can I find them? Here are the basics for all that you need to know about Geodes!...
October 13, 2019 — Briscia Vasquez
top christmas gifts for collectors 2019

5 Gifts to Give the Collector in Your Life

It can seem almost impossible to find a gift for that person in your life who already has it all. At Kalifano, we...
October 07, 2019 — Jessica Magallon
how to use crystals gemstone tree

How a Gemstone Tree Can Improve your Daily Life

Bring some zen and elegance to your surroundings with the use of crystals in the form of a beautiful gemstone tree! Not only...
October 07, 2019 — Tiffany Weiss
how to start collecting native american jewelry

How to Start Collecting Native American Jewelry

Designers have been inspired by intricate Native American jewelry designs for generations, and for good reason, too—the pieces are as beautiful as they...
September 28, 2019 — Rudy Dagher
how recycled metal art is made

How Our Recycled Metal Sculptures Come to Life

In the past few years, we have expanded our unique inventory at Kalifano to include a slew of one-of-a-kind metal...

how to use healing crystals

7 Ways Crystals Help You Heal

You’ve likely heard that crystals can be used to make you feel better both mentally and physically, but what exactly are the benefits...
September 28, 2019 — Michelle Santorini
What Are Crystals and How Do I Use Them?

What Are Crystals and How Do I Use Them?

Crystals have been used by cultures around the world for millennia, and for good reason. Here’s what you need to know about these...
September 17, 2019 — RJ Khalaf
Welcome to the World of Collecting Fossils

Welcome to the World of Collecting Fossils

Fossils are a key part of history. Here’s what you need to learn about how to start a fossil collection, what items to collect, and...
September 17, 2019 — RJ Khalaf