Bonsai Trees: The Perfect Gift

“What do I get someone who has everything?”
“What do I give to someone who is just starting their gemstone collection?” “What can I give that is meaningful and unique?”

These are few of the many questions sales associates hear during the work day, and the answer should always be: a Bonsai Tree.

What is a Bonsai Tree:

A bonsai tree, or a tree of life, is believed to bring luck and pure energy into one’s life. Helping cleanse and restore the chacaras of its owners. Each gemstone bonsai tree has its own unique healing properties, perfect for life’s endeavors. Gorgeously handcrafted, each tree is its own work of art.

Why a Bonsai Tree:

1) Easily Displayed

Due to their stunning, hand-place gemstones, bonsai trees look great anywhere in a home, office or studio. Bringing with them an air of peace and sensibility, wherever they are placed. They do come in different shapes and sizes, making finding the perfect fit an easy task. They are eye-catching due to their stunning beauty and look great paired with other crystals, home decor, and offices, starting conversations easily.

2) Unique Meanings

Each gemstone has its own healing properties, allowing you to gift someone protection, peace and even love. Although it is a small gift, it is one full of meaning and understanding. Wherever they choose to display it, they will be reminded of the thought you put into choosing their bonsai. Some bonsai trees are made with birthstones, giving you the opportunity to add a bit more meaning and thought into the tree you pick for someone.

3) Handcrafted

Not only are bonsai unique because of the meanings each gemstone holds, but also in the fact that they are all made by hand. The smallest of them having up to 108 gemstones on copper wiring. No bonsai is exactly the same, each geode base is special and idiosyncratic, which limits duplicates within themselves. Ensuring that you are truly gifting a unique piece of art to whomever.

4) Power your crystals

The copper wiring is believed to have the ability to amplify the power of the crystals around them. It is believed that if you take care of your crystals, they will take care of you. Gemstone bonsai trees naturally harness a lot of power, this power will be shared with the crystals around it. Simply adding a gemstone tree to one’s space, you will be able to greatly affect the energy in the room.

KALIFANO Bonsai Tree Multicolor

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Our Bonsai Trees

So even if it’s a small house warming gift, or just to let someone know you are thinking of them, a bonsai tree makes the perfect gift to give. Being one full of meaning, love and thought.

Kalifano has become worldly known for its quality fossils, minerals and gemstones. We carry an excellent collection of handcrafted and special gemstone bonsai trees that hold incredible amounts of meaning. We encourage you to look more into our selection, you may find the perfect gift, not only for someone else, but yourself!

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