Pyrite: How It's Formed, How Old It Is, and Its Healing Properties

Are you feeling a lack of abundance in your life lately? Single and looking for some additional masculine energy perhaps?

If that is the case, then pyrite is the crystal for you. It has many uses and benefits that will be outlined below. Keep reading! As with all healing crystals, their healing properties are only allowed through the almighty creator.

About Pyrite Crystal

You might be surprised to learn that 90% of the pyrite mineral on Earth gets formed by microbiological processes. Bacteria remove oxygen from sulfate in water, producing sulfide, which then reacts with iron to form a pyrite cube. 

In ancient civilizations, it was used for fire lighting, which led to the development of the modern pharmacological, pharmacological, and armament industry.

It's also used in the manufacturing of sulphuric acid, one of the most important and abundantly manufactured chemicals on the planet. And it's widely used in nanotechnology and energy conversion. 

Pyrite reserves are all over the world and have been found in 30 countries to date. 85% of pyrite comes from China! The oldest reported pyrite deposits are from 2.9 billion-year-old sediments from South Africa. 

Pyrite Meaning

Its name comes from the Greek word, pyr, which means fire. This fiery energy is what helps us harness the passion and zeal of masculine energy. It has a brass-yellow color and goldish metallic luster. 

It also means purity and unblocks creativity. And it can set your spirit on fire! Who doesn't need that?

Pyrite Uses

If you feel like want to boost your confidence or start achieving more goals, then pyrite can help you with that. Also, even though it's called 'fool's gold', it can increase the flow of money into your life. 

It is the stone for activating your solar plexus, which increases and improves your willpower. It also helps you get things done with focus and determination, while building your strength and stamina. 

Much of your anxiety might be related to the fact that you are not achieving the profound dreams that you have set for yourself. Pyrite crystal can help you with this. Get optimistic about your future instead of living in anxiety.

If you have an altar, place a pyrite crystal on it with some money underneath it. This should kickstart the process of your subconscious coming up with new ideas and ways to bringing in money. 

Pyrite is also known as the stone of luck! If you wish to bring some good luck to your office space or your relationship, place it in that particular space or carry it around with you in your wallet. 

Get Some Pyrite for Your Own Gemstone Collection

Get that natural androgynous state going within you by enhancing your masculine energy and getting in tune with the fire that's already burning with you. It's time for your spirit to shine forth.

No time to waste; your dream life is waiting for you.

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