Gemstone Wands: What are they?

When first seeing a Gemstone wand, you may have a lot of questions.

Questions like, what is this? What can I do with this? Why do I need it?

Gemstone wands are typically a single piece of gemstone carved into the shape of a wand. This process is often done by hand and can take hours of artistic work to get done. They are believed to help harvest the gemstones' natural healing properties, in turn, making them stronger. It is said that they can help with spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being.

The power of the gemstone wand is known to many, but how exactly do you get the most use out of your wand and why should you consider investing in one? We hope to answer those questions for you today.

Gemstone Wands and Their Uses:

Gemstone Wands are typically used in many spiritual practices, but can also be beneficial outside of those practices and can be added into your daily routine. Here’s a list of things you can do to incorporate your wand into your life.


Whether you are a masseuse, esthetician or an enthusiast, you can use your wand to help heal your body. Simply place the smooth part of your wand on a focus area and rub gentle circles. Then, without lifting the wand, move outwards to open the circle. You can apply this technique on your face or anywhere on your body that is causing you pain. To help heal your body, you may use face serums or other essential oils safe for your body, alongside your wand.


You can also get the most out of your crystal while meditating. From yoga practice to affirmations, just having the wand near or around your mat will help elevate your mental focus during practice. While laying in Shavasana, keep your wand of choice in the palm of your hand and focus on your breathing. This will help you connect with your wand, releasing its energies.

Chakra Healing

You can also use the power of the wand to help cleanse and heal your chakras. There are 7 main chakras that line the body and they can become blocked due to life’s stresses. These blocks are believed to cause physical pain such as arthritis, constipation, and often,  emotional fatigue. You can use your gemstone wand to help open these blockages and heal your chakras. Similar to how you use your wand while messaging, you will set the wand on the chakra you would like to focus on healing. From there, rub gentle circles and open your chakra. To help get the most out of this experience, the use of herbs and oils are recommended.

Power your crystals

A great use of gemstone wands is their power to amplify the power of the crystals around them. It is believed that if you take care of your crystals, they will take care of you. Gemstone wands naturally harness a lot of power, this power will be shared with the crystals around it. Simply adding a gemstone wand to your collection, you will be able to greatly affect the energy in the room.

Our Gemstone Wands

So even if it’s to help release tension after a stressful day at work or to elevate the energy in your room, you should consider adding a gemstone wand to your collection!


Kalifano has become a leading provider of quality fossils, minerals and gemstones. We carry an excellent collection of gemstone wands that can help aid in elevating your spiritual journey, check out our selection of wands and the rest of our collection on our website.

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