Everything You Need To Know About Lapis Lazuli

Did you know that lapis lazuli has been sought by humans for thousands of years? It has been a favorite of royalty and healers for centuries, prized for its beauty and healing potential. Are you ready for an introduction to this magnificent blue gemstone and to learn more about its beneficial properties? 

Keep reading to learn more about lapis lazuli and why you may want to purchase it for yourself.

What Is Lapis Lazuli?

Imagine the deepest, darkest blue of the ocean, and you will find a color similar to the rich hue of lapis lazuli. This semi-precious stone comes in an infinite variety of dark blue shades. There are some varieties streaked with a metallic yellow-gold and white, too.

Often called simply "lapis", this precious stone originates in Russia, Afghanistan, Italy, India, and the Andes Mountains in Chile. It's mined in small quantities in the United States and Canada. Lapis lazuli is also found in caves, not just mines, adding to its mystery. 

Connection With Ancient Egypt

Some of the most notable wearers of lapis were the Ancient Egyptians.  Cleopatra used ground lapis as eyeshadow and the ruler Tutankhamun had it in his burial mask.

And even many not-so-famous Egyptians had sacred scarabs made from this stone. Because of its strength, soldiers going to war made it into breastplates for battle, dagger hilts, and talismans for luck. 


Due to its intense beauty, lapis lazuli is an obvious choice for jewelry. But thanks to its strength, it has been made into less delicate objects like bowls, vases, boxes, and even columns in a building. Because of its unique and striking color, it has also been ground and mixed into pigment for paintings.

In some Arab, Turkish, Greek, and Persian cultures, blue lapis lazuli is made into an eye-shaped amulet. Called the Nazar, people wear it for protection against the evil eye. Often used with the saying, "An eye for an eye" it helps deflect ill will. 

Can Lapis Lazuli Heal?

Lapis healing powers are well-known for many reasons, both physically and metaphysically. It has been long been associated with the regulation and restoration of the respiratory system. Because breath is key to life and well-being, this is an important one to focus on and keep healthy. 

Mentally, lapis lazuli can bring greater clarity and focus. Known widely as "The Wisdom Stone", it can have a grounding influence on anyone plagued by anxiety, confusion, and indecisiveness. And because of its protective qualities, it can soak up negative energy like a sponge. 

Finally, lapis lazuli is also linked with communication, truth, and friendship. It's a meaningful stone to exchange with friends and family. Its durability and preciousness are the perfect representation of deep bonds between special loved ones. 

Ready to Try Lapis Lazuli?

There's no denying the power of healing gemstones. With its regal pedigree, therapeutic properties, and mysterious beauty, it's a solid choice for any healing crystal collection.

If you want to make this beautiful stone your own and were wondering where to get lapis lazuli, check out our store today. 

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