How Is Petrified Wood Formed?

To say that petrified Wood is a valuable commodity is an understatement. It is so valuable that visitors illegally take about 1 tonne of it from petrified wood forests each year. 

If you have ever stumbled upon it in a forest, you know just how beautiful its rich tones and shape can be.

Have you ever wondered "what is petrified wood?" How long does it take to reach the beautiful maturity that we see today? Why not read on to find the fascinating answers. 

What is Petrified Wood?

If you have asked the question "where can I get petrified wood?", the answer is not so easy.

Wood undergoes petrification when it falls to the ground and layers of mud, volcanic ash or other sedimentary materials cover it. This layer of sludge seals the wood from contact with the air, meaning that it cannot decay at a normal rate. 

As the wood breaks down very slowly, the surrounding elements seep in. These elements develop a unique pattern inside the developing voids.

How Old is Petrified Wood?

The only problem with the petrification process is that it takes a really long time. You may see a beautiful set of petrified wood bookends. However, the petrified wood is likely over 2 million years old. 

However, during this process, it develops rich and often unique patterns. One of the main benefits of petrified wood is the colors it contains. Minerals from the surrounding clay such as copper, cobalt, and chromium leave green or blue hues in the wood. 

Technically speaking petrified wood is not wood at all. Due to the years that have passed and the petrification process, it technically becomes a type of stone. Much of the wood has converted to stone.

Petrified Wood Locations

You can find petrified wood in locations all around the world from Arizona to Asia where conditions for petrification exist. 

For example, there are more than 20 different types of Indonesia petrified wood. Each has its own distinct colors and hues due to the unique environment that formed it. 

Madagascar petrified wood is different again thanks to the different tree types that grow there including Ginkgo and Monkey Puzzle trees.

Each type of petrified wood brings its own patterns and colors. Its rarity means it is a valuable and desired commodity that adds class to homes when used as an ornament. 

How is Petrified Wood Formed? And Much More

If you want to learn more about Petrified Wood and the beautiful shapes that it creates, then we are here to help. We gather and sculpt this ancient material into ornamental items that can adorn your house. 

Would you like to see more examples of petrified wood products? If yes why not check out our product range? Or simply contact us for more information. 

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