Everything You Need to Know About Birthstones

If you’re interested in crystal healing and energies, you may like to find out what your birthstone says about you. Birthstones are semi-precious stones with unique properties that can be used to encourage healing, improve confidence, and harness the stone's energies. 

This article will give you a month to month guide to semi-precious birthstone. We'll tell you what the stones represent and what metaphysical properties the stones have.

Birthstones by month

Here’s a lowdown on semi-precious birthstones for each month. These birthstones can be incorporated into jewelry and allow the wearer to benefit from the stones healing energies and metaphysical properties. 

January: Garnet

People who are born in January have garnet as their birthstone. Garnets are most commonly red but are also found in a wide range of colors. They can be orange or green. Garnets make excellent gifts as the stone represents friendship, loyalty, and trust. Thousands of years ago, garnet was given as a gift to people traveling as it was believed to offer protection. In folklore, the stone was also believed to have hidden powers and could light up a dark night. The January birthstone can also protect against nightmares.

February: Amethyst

Februarys birthstone is amethyst, which is a lovely purple stone. Amethyst is a beautiful stone that is available in varying shades of purple. As the stone is purple, it’s considered mysterious and is connected to magic and power. Purple is also known to be a luxurious color that was favored throughout history by royalty. Purple is a high energy color that represents strength and spirituality. Amethysts symbolize the union between the wearer's body and soul. The stone helps to bring balance between the physical and spiritual beings.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. It’s a bluish-green stone that helps to encourage peace, calm, serenity, and tranquillity. The stone is available in various blue shades and gets its name from the Latin words aqua marinus, which means seawater. 

Aquamarine is also associated with friendship, health, and hope. It represents eternal life as the stone's color is a combination of the sea and the sky. In many cultures, aquamarine is believed to have healing powers as it will help to soothe problems in marriages or relationships. This is due to the stone metaphysical properties, which help to increase awareness and improve communication. 

April: Diamonds

Diamonds are the birthstone of April and are also the most expensive and prized stone in the world. Diamonds represent love, relationships, commitment, and faithfulness. They also symbolize strength and everlasting love, beauty, and courage. People born in April are likely to be in control; they are born leaders and often hold positions of authority. 

May: Emerald

Emeralds are a stone associated with fertility and growth. Their eye-catching color makes them unique and attractive, just like people who are born in May. These stones help to promote love and loyalty within the home and encourage harmonious family and love relationships. 

June: Pearl

People born in June are nurturing, peaceful yet strong, just like the sea. For this reason, June’s birthstone is the pearl. Pearls represent sacred femineity and purity; they also have nurturing and healing energies from the sea. Peals are most commonly white or cream but are also available in black, grey, or silver. The stone will also have beautiful translucent overtones, which are usually rose, blue or green. 

July: Ruby

Ruby is an invincible stone that represents positivity and joy. People born in July are generally happy and upbeat. They can always see the positive in any situation. Rubies have an attractive color. People who wear a piece of jewelry that contains a ruby will harness the stone's positive energies and will be able to overcome their fears and follow your dreams. 

August: Peridot

The birthstone for August is peridot, which is a stone with anti-depressant energies. These stones help to bring positivity and help to reduce stress. Peridot is a greenish-yellow gemstone known as "the gem of the sun" in Ancient Egypt. The stone was believed to ward off anxiety and help to improve relationships and marriages.

September: Sapphire 

Sapphires are a blue birthstone that protects those born in September from negative thoughts and life situations. Fancy Sapphires are also available in pink, orange, yellow and purple. Sapphire represents nobility and truth. They encourage sincerity and faithfulness and were popular with royalty, who wanted to develop these virtues. Sapphires are also believed to bring success, joy, fulfillment, prosperity, and inner peace. 

October: Opal

Opals are widely regarded as the luckiest of all the birthstones. Opals will help bring good luck, hope, happiness, and harmony to the lives of people born in October. Opals can also help you to heal and find balance in your life. Opals come in a range of colors; most are white or cream-colored and have a pearly luster, which is known as opalescence. Fire opals are orange, brown, or yellow. 

November: Citrine

People born in November are generally loving and caring. Citrine is a unique birthstone that is yellow in color and represents vitality, energy, love, and affection. The stone also strengthens willpower and can teach the wearer about forgiveness while allowing healing energies to be absorbed. 

December: Turquoise

Turquoise is a greeny-blue birthstone that will bring prosperity, good luck, and hope to its owners. They also represent compassion, truth, and honor and have calming energies similar to the sea. Turquoise is a protective gemstone that can help to dispels negativity energies. It can help those born in December to achieve inner calm and stability while encouraging self-realization and creativity. People born in December are known to be optimistic, kind, and adventurous. 



A birthstone represents more than just the month you were born in; it’s a way to celebrate our birth. Each birthstone has different characteristics and qualities. Wearing your birthstone will help to remind you of who you are. Birthstone can also help you to heal and move on from problems. They can inspire you to become the best version of yourself and to follow your dreams. 

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