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Article: 7 Ways Crystals Help You Heal

how to use healing crystals

7 Ways Crystals Help You Heal

You’ve likely heard that crystals can be used to make you feel better both mentally and physically, but what exactly are the benefits of these special stones? This article breaks down seven different ways crystals help heal your body (or mind!) and discusses the crystals commonly believed to possess each of these healing properties. 

Aid in Digestion and Detoxification

An ailing digestive system can wreak havoc on our well-being. Detoxification helps stabilize our digestion and return our digestive system to normal. Obsidian is said to aid in digestion and detoxification, as well as help reduce digestive pain and cramps. Carnelian is another excellent stone to aid in detoxification, and it is believed to ease ailments involving the liver. To achieve this benefit, it’s recommended that you focus your Carnelian crystal on the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety affects us all way too often. When social, work and family pressures add up, crystals can help us relax and regain our inner peace. Tiger’s Eye is believed to have strong anti-anxiety benefits. It’s also said to help you make clear, conscious decisions. With this clarity of mind, anxious feelings are more likely to subside. Sodalite, also referred to as the “Stone of Peace,” is another crystal that can calm the mind and ease panic attacks.

Relieve Insomnia

Without sleep, it is impossible for our mind and body to get the rest and rejuvenation they need. Amethyst is believed to aid in insomnia relief and help you understand your dreams. It can also protect you against nightmares, which can prevent a full night’s rest and disturb your serenity. Keeping your amethyst crystal in your bedroom or by your bed can maximize its benefits.

Support Your Immune System

The immune system is our body’s defense mechanism. It protects us from intruders such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. With an unhealthy or weakened immune system, a simple cut can have severe consequences. Crystals help strengthen your immune system and protect your whole body. Amber is considered a natural antibiotic and is useful in fighting infections and fever. It can be applied as an elixir on the base of the neck, on the insides of the wrists or on the solar plexus. Calcite is another crystal that can support your immune system by promoting the absorption of calcium. Finally, clear quartz is widely considered a master healer, since it is said to stimulate the immune system and balance out your body.

Balance Hormones

Unbalanced hormones can leave our bodies and minds desperate for consistency and relief. Moonstone helps regulate menstrual cycles and prepare the body for pregnancy. Bloodstone is also said to yield hormonal and reproductive benefits. Together, these stones can help you regain the balance of your natural hormones and leave your mind and body with more peace and stability. 

Benefit Respiration

Efficient breathing is fundamental for exercise but also essential to nourish our body and brain with oxygen throughout the day. Respiratory ailments can reduce the amount of oxygen we’re able to take in and can lead to a variety of health issues. Turquoise is one crystal that is believed to benefit the respiratory and skeletal systems overall. Lapis lazuli is another stone that can repair and regulate your respiratory system. Combing the power of these two crystals might lead to even greater improvements to your respiratory health.

Ease Fear

Fear is often the most significant reason for why we don’t achieve our goals or why we let valuable opportunities slip away. Understanding when we’re being held back by our fear is valuable, but easing that fear is even more valuable. Citrine might help you by releasing negative traits like fear from your daily life and encouraging optimism, motivation and clarity.

Michelle Santorini is a daily mediation and yoga practitioner and long-time collector of healing crystals and gemstones. 

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