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Metacanthina Trilobite in Matrix from Morocco

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Directly imported from Morocco

Used for Grounding and Protection


This authentic Trilobite in a matrix was unearthed in Morocco and offers a glimpse into life on earth over 400 million years ago.

Trilobites are extinct marine arthropods that roamed the oceans for millions of years. We believe this trilobite to be from the genus, Metacanthina. It is known for its unique shape and intricate pattern and serves as a reminder of the incredible diversity of life that has existed on our planet.

Whether you're a fossil collector or enthusiast, this Trilobite is a one-of-a-kind addition to any collection or space.

As with many fossils of this age, there has been minimal restoration done to this specimen to ensure longevity and maintain its composition.

You will not receive the exact item shown. Please allow for variations in color, size, shape, and imperfections as each Trilobite is unique and one-of-a-kind fossil. Shipping is 100% insured.ÊWe proudly back this Trilobite in matrix with our 30-day money back guarantee.

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