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Blue Bismuth Geode - 7" / 1,700 grams

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This Bismuth Geode is a remarkable addition to any crystal collection. With its captivating rainbow hues and unique geometric patterns, it offers a distinctive energy that is beneficial in various ways:

  • Enhance creativity, inspiration, and self-expression
  • Promote positive transformation and personal growth
  • Add a touch of mesmerizing beauty and visual appeal to your space

Whether used for crystal healing, meditation, or as a stunning display piece, this Bismuth Geode is sure to spark joy and ignite your inner potential.

Please note that size, shape, and color may vary due to the natural characteristics of Bismuth. Each geode is unique and carries its own energetic properties. We guarantee the authenticity of this Bismuth Geode. Shipping is 100% insured. We proudly back this product with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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