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Article: The Benefits of a Scent Diffuser: Why You Want a Scent Diffuser

The Benefits of a Scent Diffuser: Why You Want a Scent Diffuser

The Benefits of a Scent Diffuser: Why You Want a Scent Diffuser

You probably already know that scent is closely linked with memory and scents can evoke good memories (and bad ones). But did you know that scent can also improve your health and wellness? Diffusing different scents in your home not only makes it smell good, but it can also help you sleep, relax, and alleviate headaches. 

If you want to learn more about why you should consider a scent diffuser, read on. We've got plenty of benefits that will convince you that diffusers are worth it. 

Makes Your Home Smell Good 

The most obvious benefit of a scent diffuser in your home is that you can choose a scent that makes your home smell good. Whether you want something that is seasonal, like a pumpkin or cinnamon scent in fall, peppermint at the holidays, or floral scents in the spring or you want to stick with a classic like vanilla that can be used all year long, a scent diffuser can keep your entire home smelling good. 

Diffusers can also rid the air of unpleasant odors and will disperse the scent throughout the room evenly. 


If you have kids or pets, candles are always a safety risk. They can easily be knocked over, spilling hot wax on them and your stuff. Candles also can be forgotten, which is a fire risk. With a scent diffuser, there are no open flames or even electrical cords that could pose any safety hazards.

Stylish Options 

You can find reed diffusers to match any type of decor in your home. You can even get one for every room. Our gemstone scent diffusers are a new take on the old classic and incorporate different colored gemstones into the design of the diffuser. 

They come with wood sticks as well as Selenite sticks, which add to the look of the diffuser and have their own healing properties. 

Health Benefits 

The scents that you put in your diffuse can have health benefits. Lavender, for example, is believed to promote calm and wellness. It's also associated with improved sleep, relaxation, and stress reduction. Peppermint is good for reducing nausea or other GI pain, clearing out nasal passages and congestion, and it also boosts circulation.

Our gemstone diffusers also provide healing properties. The amethyst gemstones on our diffuser can serve as a natural tranquilizer, dispel fear and anger, relieve stress, and activate spiritual awareness. 

Our citrine gemstone diffuser works to raise self-esteem and self-confidence and stimulate the brain. Citrine can also motivate you and inspire your creativity. 


While you might need to replace the sticks after a few months and refresh the scent, scent diffusers can last for months or longer. If the scent starts to weaken, you can rearrange the sticks, add some of the perfume to the diffuser, flip the sticks, or replace them with new ones. 

Unlike candles, which will eventually burn out if you keep them lit long enough, scent diffusers can have a long life. 

You Need a Scent Diffuser in Your Life 

Scent diffusers can enrich your home in many ways. They can add to your design aesthetic, make your home smell amazing, and benefit your health. 

If you're ready to add a scent diffuser to your decor, check out our new gemstone diffusers. Pick one that not only makes your home look and smell nice but also helps you feel better. 

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