Nature, Healing, and Beauty: The Ultimate Guide to Malachite

Those whose favorite color is green are said to value balance, be at one with nature, and see the big picture where others only see details. If this describes you, malachite- a gorgeous green gemstone- is the perfect stone to wear or place around your home.

Because it's meant for people who have a connection to the world around them, malachite also carries a variety of healing properties that can help you grow and thrive. Read on to learn all about this gorgeous stone and what you can do with it!

What Is Malachite?

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral that's found deep under the ground. It boasts a unique pattern consisting of organic shapes in various shades of green. Many people likely associate malachite with jade since the two stones look similar, but they aren't the same. Malachite has more hues when buffed and polished, and the vibrant swirled pigment makes for a very aesthetically pleasing healing stone.

Where Is It Found?

The stone itself is found in the deep recesses of the earth, where many water tables and hydrothermal fluids reside. These fluids create chemical precipitation that forms the stone and gives it the rich color and texture that people value it for. Generally, malachite can be found in many different nations in various regions of the world. These locations include the US, Australia, Russia, Romania, Germany, Zaire, South Africa, Chile, and Mexico.

The Healing Properties of Malachite

Malachite is said to have many healing properties. Some of those pertaining to the physical body include:

  • Keeping blood pressure as low as possible
  • Reducing stress due to its calming properties
  • Working harmoniously with the torn muscles and broken bones to encourage speedy healing
  • Menstrual cramp relief (since the stone has¬†strong feminine energies)
  • Helping to calm the physical manifestations of fear and anxiety

The stone also is said to have many mental healing properties:

  • Protecting against toxic emotions and negative energies (it keeps these vibes at least 6 feet away!)
  • Giving the bearer courage and wisdom to succeed
  • Helping you have the courage to stand up for yourself and say no to bad ideas

Uses for Malachite

Because malachite provides so many spiritual benefits, it's a good idea to wear it when you need a boost. Putting on a gorgeous ring or handmade necklace is a great way to carry the stone and its many amazing properties with you.

You can also use malachite around the home to cleanse your living space of bad energies. A malachite vanity box, for example, is a great way to store your favorite objects, including jewelry and looseleaf teas.

More Information

Now that you know all about malachite, where it comes from, and what it's used for, it's time to learn more about the many amazing stone products that you can purchase for your home. Contact us with any lingering questions that you may have about malachite and other healing gemstones and minerals. We're happy to help you choose the perfect stone for your individual spiritual and aesthetic needs!

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