5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Desk

Your office is somewhere you spend a lot of time, so it only makes sense that you’d want your workspace to feel comfortable and pleasant. There are many different ways you can go about decorating your desk or cubicle, but at the end of the day, it should be a place that represents who you are. At Kalifano, we know a thing or two about cool desk accessories, so we compiled a list of our five favorite ways to decorate your workspace.

Gemstone Globe

One of the things you will see in many offices is a globe, but oftentimes they’re dull or forgotten about. However, something that will never be overlooked is a handcrafted gemstone globe. Each country is hand-carved out of jewelry-grade semi-precious gemstones and carefully placed to make these fine pieces of art. These brightly colored globes come in a variety of sizes and are a perfect match to any office space, large or small. The small paperweights and 3-inch globes come in fun colors and will look terrific sitting next to your computer or on a shelf above your desk. 

For those people who are looking to fill a larger space, a standing globe would be a wonderful option because guests can enjoy all the detailed work put into a globe of this size. Having a globe also gives you a good reminder that although work is very important, sometimes you have to just go out and enjoy this world a little more. 

Succulent Plant 

There is something about having a plant around that makes an office feel more vibrant! Succulent plants make wonderful desk accessories and require little maintenance to keep alive. Places like Ikea even sell really beautiful fake succulents, which make really nice substitutes for people like me who always seem to forget about their plants until it’s too late. You can get creative with how you display them: Buy a set of three different succulents and put them in a cute tray together, or get a small cactus and pick out a nice pot for it that matches your office décor. It’s also said that having succulents in your workspace can help to purify the air and improve your focus, so it couldn’t hurt to try!

Recycled Metal Sculpture 

One of the coolest desk accessories around is a sculpture made out of recycled metal parts. These sculptures have been hand-welded with parts from old cars and motorcycles and turned into pieces of art — many inspired by popular movies and superheroes. Our artists also form these sculptures into mini motorcycles, which make great desk accessories for the guy who loves his chopper, and mini musicians for the people who love to play music. Not only are these sculptures really detailed and creative, but they’re also extremely unique and would add a really cool element to any workspace. I mean, who doesn’t love art made out of spark plugs and gears?  

Letter Board 

Letter boards are a great way to express your personality because you change them to say whatever you like, so there are endless options. They’re like a poster that you don’t have to commit to forever — a real dream for people who like accessories and love the functionality. You can use your letter board to celebrate a holiday or to give your coworkers a laugh with a good old-fashioned pun! Amazon has a very nice selection of letter boards, many with different frames or color schemes that are sure to match with any office décor. Be sure to order a set of extra letters or symbols if you’re going to be writing a lengthy quote, as most letter boards only come with a standard amount. Your letter board can be your way of showing who you are, and you’ll have fun thinking of what your next quote will be! 

Gemstone Tree

A gemstone tree is a beautiful way to add an elegant and aesthetically pleasing touch to your office. Not only are these trees handmade out of all-natural gemstones, but they’re also meant to bring about certain energies to your life and office space depending on which one you choose. If you’re drawn to a tree made of Aventurine, it may mean that wealth is in your future, as Aventurine is known to bring about good luck and good fortune. For someone who needs an extra element of calm around the office space, an Amethyst gemstone tree would help to provide peace and tranquility, something we often find ourselves wishing we had more of at work. Some gemstone trees even have a combination of multiple stones, which leads to beautiful contrasts between the different colors. They are a very unique and classy way to add gemstones to your office space, and with so many to choose from, everyone is bound to find one they love. 

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