How to Give the Perfect Host Gift

It’s always fun getting to visit friends and family during the holidays, and it’s even nicer to bring something small along as a thoughtful thank you for hosting. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to give that they don’t already have or could actually use, but there’s actually an array of great options when it comes to finding a good host gift. We’ll take you through our top picks for this holiday season. 

Bottle of Wine and a Globe Bottle Stopper 

Let’s be real: Most of us would be excited to be greeted by house guests holding a bottle of wine; it’s an ideal go-to gift. Of course, you could always save the wine for another time, but it could also be a great experience to share with your guests. The wine would pair nicely with dinner, or it’d be a great way for everyone to wind down at the end of the night. If you want to step this gift up a notch, throw in a globe bottle stopper handmade with natural gemstones. Not only is this bottle stopper beautiful, but it’s also very handy and can be used to save a good bottle of wine for another time. This dynamic duo would show them how thankful you are for opening their home to you.  

A Nice Picture Frame 

An attractive picture frame makes a great host gift, as well, since many people love hanging and displaying photos around their homes and offices. Although it may seem like a very simple gift, there are a few ways to make it feel a lot more personal while keeping it reasonable in the budget department. First of all, you’ll want to think about their home or office décor. Try to make sure you get something that would flow with the existing room aesthetic. 

Choosing an appropriate-sized frame is also key. Sometimes people prefer their frames to all be one size, while other people might prefer larger frames with multiple photo slots. You can also add a personal touch by including a photo of you and the host, or your two families together. This gives the picture and frame more sentimental value and will remind them of you whenever they look at it. If you have no idea what their décor looks like, or maybe they’re more tech-savvy, Amazon has some really tasteful electronic frames that have a simple look to them but allow you to scroll through a multitude of different uploaded pictures. Whatever route you choose to go, a nice picture frame will be a hit with your host! 


Everyone has keys, whether it’s for their house, their car or their mailbox, and we all seem to collect so many of them. Keychains are a fun way to spice up your key ring and make a nice host gift because the are practical gifts that your host can use every day. The fun thing about keychains is that you can pick ones that really fit the personality of your host. 

If they love bling and all things that sparkle, get them a crystal keychain. They come in a large variety that includes animals, skulls, shoes, dice and many other fun things. If they’re the kind of person who likes cracking a joke or two or loves different shows and movies, get them a keychain from Spencer’s. They carry a wide range of keychains. Some will make you laugh, while others embody popular characters from different movies and shows. You’re sure to find something that’ll put a smile on your host’s face if they have a good sense of humor! 

Some people are really into personalized items — in which case there are vendors on Etsy that sell pretty much any and every keychain you could want. The best part is that many of them offer the option to customize their pieces with special notes or sayings. You could even personalize it with your host’s name, which would really add a personal touch to a thoughtful host gift. 

Essential Oils and Diffuser 

Many people have been using essential oils in their home and in their routine, and some people swear by them. The best part about gifting essential oils is that they’re so dynamic and can be used in so many different ways. There are infinite types of essential oils to choose from, and many different companies make them, so they’re something that will be very easy to find either in person or online.

Essential oils can be used on the body to alleviate headaches, stomach aches and different body aches and pains, and they can also play a role in immunity defense and reducing nausea, among many other uses. Lots of people who dabble in essential oils also use a diffuser to disperse the oil into the air to be inhaled and absorbed into the body. It doesn’t hurt that diffusers also spread the pleasant smell of the oils throughout the area it is placed in. Your host will be grateful for a gift that’ll help bring a more peaceful ambience to their space. 

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