Natural Extinct Ammonite Shell Pair from Madagascar

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Item Number: AMM59

This genuine Ammonite pair is a wonderful gift for any fossil lover.

Aged at 400 million years old, own a piece of history with this natural Ammonite pair. This is perfect pair has been sliced in half to unveil the natural orange calcite air cavaties that visualize the Ammonite's ability to move up and down in the water hundreds of millions of years ago.

This museum grade specimen is housed in a shadow box for display purposes as well as to protect your new specimen. Turn these beauties over to unveil the natural opal rainbow.

Approximate Size - 1.5" x 1.5" each.

Approximate Weight - 25g

As this is a one of a kind specimen, no two are alike. Please allow for variations in color, shape, weight, and size in the piece that you receive. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.