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Article: What Are Crystals and How Do I Use Them?

What Are Crystals and How Do I Use Them?

What Are Crystals and How Do I Use Them?

Crystals have recently experienced a resurgence in popularity from popular media and social-media and style influencers. However, their powers and beauty have been documented throughout history, back to the oldest recorded civilizations. Their beauty, value and powers are loved and cherished the world over, and they can be appreciated by all who invite them into their lives.

History of Crystal Healing

The first reference to the use of crystals dates back to the ancient Sumerians, who used crystals in their magical formulas. The ancient Egyptians regularly used stones like clear quartz, carnelian, emerald, turquoise and lapis lazuli in their jewelry and carved amulets. They used these stones primarily for health and protection. Chrysolite, now known as peridot and topaz, was used to fight evil spirits and ward off night terrors.

Crystals were not just used for healing, however; they also served cosmetic purposes! For example, galena (lead ore) and malachite were ground into a fine powder used as eye shadow.

You can thank the ancient Greeks for many of the properties and names that we today attribute to crystals. In fact, even the word “crystal” originates from the Greek word for ice. It was once believed that clear quartz was water that had frozen so solid that it would never melt. “Amethyst” translates to “not drunk” and was originally used to ward off hangovers and drunkenness.

During the Renaissance, some doctors praised the virtues of stones in the treatment of different diseases and ailments, often using them alongside herbal remedies. However, it was also commonly believed that gemstones were corrupted by the original sin of Adam and Eve. So in an effort to rid the stones of their demons and corruption, they would be sanctified and consecrated—the earliest roots of today’s cleansing of stones.

3 Easy Ways to Use Your Crystals

Different cultures use crystals differently, and a person’s relationship to their crystals is deeply personal. So be open-minded about how you might use them. Here are some ways that we recommend using your healing stones.

1. Align Your Crystal With Your Intention

Crystals have the capacity for deep metaphysical properties and powers, but you have to tell them what you want them to do!

So to align your crystal with your intention, close your eyes while holding the crystal in your hands and take three deep breaths. Then say the following: “I ask that the highest vibration of light and love connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this crystal to hold the intention of”—and say your intention.

Solidify your intention by saying thank you three times. By saying thank you, you are acknowledging that what you are asking for already exists in nature.

2. Wear Your Crystals

Citrine, Amethyst, and Quartz Jewelry

This is the easiest part here—the closer you are to your crystals, the more likely they are to work. The good news is that there are so many beautiful jewelry options to pick from that incorporate crystals. So have fun with it and find something that inspires you and complements your personality.

If you don’t find a piece of jewelry that you like, you can always just put a raw stone in your pocket, bag or purse—that works too!

3. Meditate With Your Crystals

Meditation is a practice that has been appreciated throughout history across different religious and spiritual beliefs. Meditation alone can be used to develop greater self-awareness and patience and ease anxiety. While meditating, hold your crystals close to you so that you can use them to get further connected to yourself and your deepest intentions for yourself.

3 Crystals to Use Right Away

There are thousands of different crystals and stones that you can use to harness different metaphysical properties. With so many options, things can get pretty confusing and overwhelming. So whether you are just getting started in building a collection or you are already an avid collector, here are the top three crystals you should have in your tool kit.

1. Clear Quartz

Kalifano Natural Quartz Crystal in Hand

This is a tried-and-true crystal—even the ancient Greeks used clear quartz! It is believed to amplify your intentions and is a key component to any crystal collection. This stone is especially powerful because it magnifies the vibrations of the stones around it and can be used to reenergize crystals. Clear quartz has the powerful ability to counteract negative energy blockages.

So get your hands on some clear quartz right away and hold it close! Allow it to fill your body with positive energy and expel negative forces.


2. Amethyst

Kalifano Natural Amethyst in Hand

Amethyst is a beautiful stone with powerful spiritual properties to boost inner strength and provide spiritual protection. A natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress, soothes irritability and calms anxiety. It can open your spiritual awareness and intuition. Above all else, amethyst is a gorgeous stone and is a wonderful home-decor specimen.

3. Citrine

Kalifano Natural Citrine Geode

Citrine is a stone that harnesses the power of the sun and is perfect for placing in your windowsill. It opens up your intuition and attracts wealth, prosperity and success. It also raises self-esteem and confidence while bringing joy, wonder and enthusiasm.

Wrapping Up

Crystals mean different things to different people, and there isn’t one clear-cut way to use them. Like many things in life, the important thing is what you bring to the table and how you approach it. The more open you are to the healing powers of crystals, the more likely you are to benefit from them. These powerful stones have the ability to bring great change into your life and well-being. No wonder their beauty and power have been loved throughout history.

RJ Khalaf grew up in the Kalifano family business. His father first taught him about the power of stones, fossils and minerals when he was 12 years old. Over a decade later, he finds inspiration in the beauty of the world’s natural wonders. He graduated from New York University with a degree in politics, rights and development and minored in social entrepreneurship.

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