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Article: How a Gemstone Tree Can Improve your Daily Life

how to use crystals gemstone tree

How a Gemstone Tree Can Improve your Daily Life

If you’ve ever wondered whether acquiring a gemstone money tree would be a good idea or not, in my and many people’s opinion the answer is a resounding yes. Bring some zen and elegance to your surroundings with the use of crystals in the form of a beautiful gemstone tree! Not only do crystals calm your spirit but they also energize your soul with their healing properties. Blushy-pink Rose Quartz and deep-purple Amethyst are claimed to attract love and peace, and you can never go wrong with the “master healer” clear Quartz.

Stones to Use

One of my personal favorites is the beautiful deep orange showcased in the noble stone carnelian, which is said to be a great help with vitality, fertility, love and abundance. Using powerful gemstones like yellow-gold Citrine and green Aventurine especially promotes wealth, success, good luck and happiness. You’ve heard the old saying that “money doesn’t grow on trees”—but a feng shui gemstone money tree is said to stimulate prosperity and the generation of good fortune and wealth. As an added bonus, you can’t kill it and it never needs to be watered, unlike a typical money tree.

Where to Place Your Tree

Your new gemstone tree isn’t just another dust collector—it will add value and create happiness in your life. The energy of a gemstone tree is one of free-flowing abundance, which is why it is a common traditional feng shui application. Placements of a gemstone tree in your home can have different effects: Near entrances or right in the center of a living area like a family room may enhance the chi or life force of the space, and bedside, especially near those who may have illnesses, can be soothing. You can also find great uses in an office or work area, as something pleasant to gaze at while you’re on a restful break or thinking of your next innovative idea!

Embrace the Energy

In an era when some people have embraced a lifestyle of minimalism, tiny homes and decluttering and purging of unnecessary items, it's hard to imagine adding anything decorative to your life that doesn't actually serve a purpose. But a gemstone tree not only enhances your space with healing crystals, it also promotes well-being and positivity. You can put it in the perfect place in your home or office to give you joy in it and what it can attract to your life.

Tiffany Weiss is originally a California girl, who now is a native Nevadan for over 20 years. She loves to match form and function designing living and working spaces for herself as well as others and also establishes beautiful visual merchandising with her proficiency in color theory and space planning. A mother of two, Ms. Weiss is also a graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, specializing in Interior Design. She especially has a love for crystals and fine art, and envokes this energy in the way of using natural materials such as woods, gemstones and ancient fossils as installations for one-of-a-kind furnishings to create unique areas to behold.

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