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Article: 5 Gifts to Give the Collector in Your Life

top christmas gifts for collectors 2019

5 Gifts to Give the Collector in Your Life

It can seem almost impossible to find a gift for that person in your life who already has it all. At Kalifano, we are proud to offer an extremely unique inventory of one-of-a-kind and handcrafted pieces. If you’re stumped on what to get for someone, read on for our suggestions on some of the best gifts Kalifano has to offer.

top christmas gifts for collectors 2019 gemstone globe

1. A Gemstone Globe

For the person in your life who loves to travel, a gemstone globe is a wonderful gift. Our gemstone globes are handcrafted with all-natural gemstones indigenous to the countries they represent. The globes come in a variety of colors and range in size from small keychains and bottle stoppers all the way up to our 13-inch high-stand globes. These globes are a great reminder to that person in your life of all the places they have visited and will get them excited for all of the places that they still want to see!

Shop our gemstone globes here.

top christmas gifts for collectors 2019 amethyst

2. An Amethyst Crystal

For the person in your life who loves crystals and their healing powers, an amethyst crystal is a very thoughtful gift. Amethysts are a stunning purple type of crystal, believed to help relieve stress and calm fears. They are also very soothing and have been known to help people who have anxiety or who struggle to sleep. Our amethyst is sourced from Brazil and Uruguay, and each piece is unique. We have an extensive selection of beautiful amethyst jewelry, candleholders and trees of life, as well as larger geodes that are sure to light up any room they are placed in.

Shop our different amethyst products here.

top christmas gifts for collectors 2019 fish fossil

3. A Genuine Fish Fossil

For the person in your life who loves geology and history, a fish fossil is a perfect gift. Our fish fossils are sourced from the Green River Valley in Wyoming and range in age anywhere from 33 million to 55 million years. We carry a large assortment of fish fossils, some with large, rare fish and plant life and others with more commonly found fish. Each fossil has great detail in it, so that you are truly able to see the small bones of the fish’s body and fins; they take you back in time. Fish fossils are a great fit with many home-decor schemes and bring a real feeling of nature into a room.

Shop our Fossils here.

top christmas gifts for collectors 2019 wood watch

4. A Wood Watch

For the watch collector in your life, a wood watch is the exact gift to give. Kalifano has a large variety of wood watches for men and women in different styles that are sure to impress. Most watch collectors are stunned when they feel how lightweight and comfortable our watches are, and are happy to trade in their normal look for this fun and different style. Our watches have a Japanese Miyota 2115 movement and come in a slew of different types of wood, including maple, zebrawood and black sandalwood. Each watch comes in a beautiful bamboo box and has a one-year warranty.

Shop our Wood Watches here.

top christmas gifts for collectors 2019 recycled metal art

5. A Recycled-Metal Sculpture

For the person in your life who loves movies, cars and unique art, this is a gift they will never forget! Our recycled-metal sculptures are hand-welded from old car and motorcycle parts, and each one is unique, so you can be sure that no one else will have the same thing. Many of our sculptures are inspired movies and television shows, and people have a fun time picking out all the characters they recognize. These sculptures all have a similar steampunk style, and range in size from 6 inches tall all the way up to 10 feet. They truly are the perfect accessory for any office or home entertainment center, and you will be happily surprised at how much of a conversation piece they become.

Shop our Recycled Metal Sculptures here.

Jessica Magallon is a Southern California native, growing up in Glendale, CA with her parents and 2 brothers. Growing up, Jessica was very involved in sports, playing soccer from age 4 until her second year in college. She moved to Las Vegas in 2014 to finish pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, and decided after graduation in 2017 to stay permanently and trade in her California roots for a Las Vegas life. She loves live music and dancing, and is on a personal mission to find the best tacos Las Vegas has to offer! Jessica has been with Kalifano since early 2017 and enjoys going to the warehouse to hand pick items to be sold inside our stores. Some of her favorite Kalifano items for sale (and that are part of her personal collection) include our hand-made Gemstone globes, our beautiful blue Celestite Geodes and our Native American Turquoise jewelry. She can be found most nights at Kalifano’s Forum Shops location- feel free to stop in and say Hi!

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