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Article: How Is Selenite Formed?

How Is Selenite Formed?

How Is Selenite Formed?

You don't have to live with a lack of focus or balance in your life.

Many adults fear they will live without clarity and invite negativity into their homes. 

A selenite crystal can bring you the healing and positive energy you need. What is selenite, and what does it do?

If you want to learn about selenite history, where to find selenite crystals, and more, continue reading below to learn how this mineral can improve your life.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is one of several varieties of a mineral called gypsum. It forms as a result of an accumulation of salt from evaporated saltwater.

Over millions of years, water builds up, evaporates, leaves behind a layer of salt, and then the process repeats. When the water becomes concentrated with such high levels of saline solution in a cool environment and in the presence of gypsum, a very common mineral, the gypsum starts to crystallize. 

Due to the wet conditions in which the crystals are formed, they encapture particles of sand and other minerals as they solidify. Even though selenite crystal is typically colorless, this varies depending on its environment.

For example, finer sand results in clearer crystals while the presence of iron results in a tan color. 

The presence of certain minerals nearby during formation, like those found in Oklahoma, even results in an hourglass shape inside of the minerals themselves. 

Selenite History

There is a Greek word for Selenite, "selenites lithos," which translates to moonstone. The name derives from the Greek goddess for which the stone is named, Selene, the goddess of the moon. The selenite crystal meaning derives from the goddess as well. The goddess emanates love, vitality, and tranquility, which is not unlike the meaning behind selenite. 

Selenite crystals and selenite stones bring awareness and harmony to those in possession. Many people recommend keeping one at work and one in the home to help keep you focused and to push away negative spirits. 

Many believe they possess healing abilities as well. Ancient healers used Selenite outside of sick homes as well as in various historic rituals to promote healing and general wellness.

They are used as a means to not only deter negative energy but also to attract positive energy. This is why some recommend placing one by the entryway of your home. When you walk in, you may leave any negativity from the day outside and focus on home and family instead.

Where to Find Selenite Crystals

If you are interested in hunting for selenite crystals, search in the sedimentary layer of regions once covered with saltwater.

These crystals sometimes attach to sedimentary rock but are also found independently in areas with clay. One of the most popular locations to dig for selenite is in the Great Salt Plains Lake, an attraction for tourists and crystal enthusiasts alike.

Selenite crystals may present as a long wand-like shape. This is in large part due to how they develop in nature. The way they break off naturally is similar to wood in that the sheets of crystal fibers break apart in long segments. 

If you can't travel to look for selenite crystals or a selenite wand, there is an abundance online. You can purchase them as pendants, worry stones, and even tealight holders.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of a Selenite Crystal

Now that you have a better understanding of selenite crystals, their history, and where to find them, you are ready to enjoy the benefits they have to offer. 

Take the opportunity to go digging for selenite or purchase some online. Whichever decision you make, don't wait to reap the benefits these crystals have to offer. 

Head to our site to view a selection of high-quality selenite crystal and selenite stone options at an unbeatable price. 

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