Happy Mother's Day to KALIFANO's VP & Co-Owner, Fahima Khalaf!

Every day is a great day to celebrate Mom, but we want to take a moment to honor Fahima Khalaf, KALIFANO's Co-Owner & Vice President. Not only is Fahima an incredible mother to four great kids, but she is a very active member of the Las Vegas community where she sits on four boards: Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada, EMERGE Nevada, Battle Born Progress, and Al-Maun Neighborly Needs


When asked about his favorite things about Fahima, her middle son Rami said, "My mother is one of a kind. She’s incredibly smart and is the best of role models for me as a son. She’s shown me how to be the best I can be while bettering those around me. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is always looking to help her fellow neighbor. She definitely always puts her best foot forward and has taught me the importance of having a positive attitude towards what I do. For, if I have a positive towards what I do, then I’ll be more satisfied with the outcome. She has taught me so much over the last 23 years, and I can’t wait to learn from her throughout the rest of my life."


Jannah, Fahima's only daughter says, "My mom is my biggest motivator and whenever I am feeling down she’s always right there to pick me back up. She is the absolute strongest, most accomplished, and one of the most selfless people I know! Not to mention, my mom is witty and fun to be around. She is truly my best friend.”
Fahima and her Mother, Basima Rasheed.

Over the course of the 2020, Fahima's mother, Basima Rasheed, battled an aggressive brain cancer that ultimately took her life. However, Fahima served her mother each day cherishing every moment with her until her final breath. Fahima showed us true strength as she traveled weekly to the Bay Area to be with her mother and tend to her needs while also making time for her family back home in Las Vegas. She faced one of the greatest challenges that life has to offer and inspired us with her faith and fortitude. Through all the grief and pain, our mother embodied true patience and gratitude.

Fahima often self describes as a Tiger Mom, quick to defend her family and loyal without reservation. She is an inspiration to us all and a gem within the Las Vegas community. Today, and always, we say, Happy Mother's Day Momma, we love you!


RJ, Rami, Mohammad, Jannah, and Dad

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