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  • How do I order from KALIFANO.com?
  • Is it safe to order from KALIFANO.com?
  • Will I be charged sales tax on my order from KALIFANO.com?
  • Is in-store pick-up available for items purchased from KALIFANO.com?
  • Are there special accomodations for teachers or members of the United States Armed Forces?

Shipping And Payment

  • What payment methods does KALIFANO.com accept?
  • When will my order ship?
  • How will my order be shipped?
  • What happens if my item gets lost or breaks in shipment? Is my order insured?


  • What is your return policy?
  • Who should I contact if I need to request a return?

Product Questions

  • Are all of KALIFANO's products available for purchase online?
  • Are your fossils, minerals, and crystals real?
  • Where are your metal sculptures made?
  • How long does it take to make one of your 9ft tall metal sculptures? How much do they weigh?
  • Do other website or stores sell authentic KALIFANO products?