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Article: Wood Watch 101: How to Style a Wood Watch

Wood Watch 101: How to Style a Wood Watch

Wood Watch 101: How to Style a Wood Watch

In 2020 alone, the US watch market has grown by 2.4%. This makes total sense! Being a watch enthusiast is a rewarding way to look your best, feel classy, and show off your good taste in both professional and casual settings.

Wood watches are among the most stylish, affordable, and durable out there. Here we're going to talk about how you can style your favorite wood watch so that you can look and feel amazing. Read on for some tips on what apparel, accessories, and other factors go into making your wooden timepiece stand out!

Consider Your Skin Tone

Since wood comes in a huge variety of hues, you're going to want to consider your skin tone when choosing the right watch for you.

Contrast is key when making your wooden timepiece stand out. Those with lighter skin will want to have darker wood wristwatches made from redwood or black sandalwood. If you have darker skin, consider one of our light-beige maple wood styles.

If you have an intermediate skin tone, congratulations! All wooden watches will look phenomenal on you. Choose wisely and have fun!

Think About the Occasion

Considering the occasion where you'll be wearing your watch is especially important when selecting from various size timepieces. Smaller watches are generally suited to professional settings where you want to appear serious and poised. However, in social settings, you want to show off your fun and bold side, so why not choose a larger and interestingly-shaped timepiece?

Thinking about the settings that you'll be wearing your watch in also will give you a clearer picture of what outfits you'll be wearing with it. This allows you to select a piece that best matches your wardrobe.

Match Up With Your Outfit

Wood watches look awesome with all sleeve designs and lengths. They're great for people wearing short-sleeved casual shirts and dresses because they're subtle and make a statement just the same. They're also perfect for those wearing suit sleeves because of their no-nonsense and sensible appearance.

While wood watches go well with any outfit, you will want to consider the other accessories that you pair them with. You likely will want other small bracelets rather than large bangles. Wearing wristbands or big bangles will cause people not to notice your watch, which isn't great when you want to get the most out of your timepiece.

You also probably don't want to wear statement necklaces or large cufflinks with your watch. These will look strange and clash with the wood, especially since most of them are made from metal. Instead, consider slim chains around your neck or wrist with charms made from wood similar to that you watch is made from.

Get a Wood Watch Today

While there are a multitude of accessories that you can choose to wear, none are as versatile or traditional as wood watches are.

Now that you know the many ways to style a classy wood watch, it's time to get started. Check out the handmade, organic-wood watches that we offer at an affordable price. These pieces are top-notch in both aesthetics and functionality, so why wait? Start browsing and shopping ASAP!

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