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Article: Where Is Rose Quartz Found and What Are the Healing Properties?

Where Is Rose Quartz Found and What Are the Healing Properties?

Where Is Rose Quartz Found and What Are the Healing Properties?

Are you holding on to childhood that you wish to let go of? Or perhaps you are having trouble bonding with your family and wish to build better relationships with them.

If that's the case, then the Rose Quartz crystal is for you. This familiar feminine and softly colored pink quartz has many healing benefits.

Read on to see what is the Rose Quartz meaning and how to use it in your healing journey. 

Rose Quartz: A History

The gentle pink Rose Quartz crystal has been used by human civilizations since 7000 B.C! It was found in the then Mesopotamia region (now Iraq). 

It was also used by the Assyrians in 800-600 B.C. 

As you can see, the Rose Quartz stone has a long relationship of healing and benefiting human beings. Rose Quartz was used by ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations as a potent talisman. 

It was also believed to have magical powers and to prevent aging. Not only that, but it has been used in healing potions, and has been also called the 'Love stone'. Love potions, anyone?

The great thing about the Rose Quartz crystal is that it's found in abundance throughout the world. The main countriesthat it's found in are South Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, and Madagascar. 

It's found in massive quantities in hydrothermal veins, and pegmatites, which are extreme igneous rocks formed during the final stages of magma crystallization.

Fun fact: The pink in the Rose Quartz crystal comes from the mineral dumortierite. Use this tidbit at your next dinner party to spark an interesting gemology conversation. 

What Does Rose Quartz Do?

It isn't merely due to the pretty pink color that the Rose Quartz crystal has remained so popular with the human populace since times gone past. The Rose Quartz benefits are many.

And they are mostly related to relationships, which makes it a quite useful gemstone to have around. Let's see some of them below.

Emotional Healing

Compared to other gemstones, Rose Quartz isn't as powerful or dynamic of a healer. But that doesn't negate its effectiveness in gently and slowly releasing powerful negative emotions that have held you back for a while.

The great thing about this gentle release is that it's easier to sustain and deal with. Some other stones can be quite powerful and determined in helping you let go of old traumas and wounds.

But sometimes what you need is a gentle helping hand that slowly guides you to release and heal. The Rose Quartz is exactly this benign helping hand.

If you have any childhood fears, traumas, or anger that you wish to let go of, the Rose Quartz crystal can help you with that. Not only that, but it helps you build a stronger bond with your family and loved ones. 

Everyone could do with more love and compassion for their loved ones and the Rose Quartz heart stone can help you inculcate this in your heart and soul. 

Dreams and Inspiration

Are you finding it difficult to follow your dreams? Is it hard for you to build aspiration and inspiration for your goals and desires? 

The Rose Quartz crystal can help you with that. It's a gentle stone that will clear out all disturbances from your mind, allowing you to transform your life easily and move towards your better self effortlessly. 

Remember that self-sabotage is something everyone struggles with. Don't hold yourself back any longer. Your divine and perfect self is waiting for you. Blossom into it right now with the help of your Rose Quartz ring or bracelet.

Heal Your Physical Heart

Now we are not saying that you need to give up your heart doctor visits. But a Rose Quartz can be a great accompaniment to your allopathic journey. If you have circulatory problems, the Rose Quartz crystal can help with that.

It can also help with reproductive issues like infertility and sexual challenges. Finally, it helps with addictions, anxiety, depression, and other stress-related ailments. 

Bring harmony to your body with the help of your Rose Quartz bracelet or Rose Quartz roller. 

Connect With Mother Earth

Too many of us are feeling the ill effects of losing touch with Mother Earth. Living in concrete jungles where the only greenery you see all day is in your houseplant can be quite disconcerting to the human spirit. 

Use your Rose Quartz crystal to connect to the great Mother, the Gaia that holds everything together on this beautiful planet of ours, and the whole Cosmos. Never feel disconnected or out of place again. 

You are part of the whole, and you need never forget that fact. Let your soul feel renewed and rejuvenated, and feel hopeful for the future of humankind again.

How to Use Your Rose Quartz Necklace or Crystal

As with all healing crystals, there are three ways you can use Rose Quartz. 

You can either place it on a special altar where you meditate with it daily in your bedroom or some other room in your home. Or you can carry it with you, forever next to your heart or hand, feeling its vibrations. 

The final way is that you can wear it. The beauty of the Rose Quartz crystal is greatly enhanced when it's worn as jewelry. Raw Rose Quartz can also be used in a variety of healing rituals or ceremonies. 

Remember that the Rose Quartz is a 'Heart Stone' or 'Love Stone'. Use it for its specific purpose and feel the grand healing effects. 

Of course, don't forget to charge and cleanse your Rose Quartz crystal regularly, especially if you use it a lot. You want to remove all negative energies from healing crystals before using them again. 

Get Your Rose Quartz Necklace Today

If you don't have this beautiful healing stone in your collection already, then what are you waiting for? With its myriad heart-healing benefits, you would not be remiss in buying it right now.

You can find our Rose Quartz necklaces here.

Check out Kalifano's Rose Quartz collection, especially the Rose Quartz face roller to enhance your beauty and go for its anti-aging benefits. 

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