The Inspiration You Need to Display Your Crystal Collection

Crystals and gemstones are some of nature’s most stunning creations, and each one is unique in style and property. Although a lot of people love crystals, many struggle to decide where to place them in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and helpful to their personal self. This article will offer you some creative ways to display your crystals, as well as discuss how they can actually help improve your life. 

crystals on shelf

Crystals on a Shelf

One of the problems people face is they have a limited amount of space to display their crystals. It would be a shame to leave your beautiful amethyst on the floor somewhere where no one gets a chance to see it. Shelves are a great way to combat this problem, as they allow your crystals to be the star of the show without taking up any additional space. Keeping your crystals on shelves keeps them dust-free longer and safe from being accidentally broken or tripped over. Many different kinds of shelves can be used. Some have fun shapes and add a funky element that pairs well with the stones. 

Another fun option for those with larger collections is to purchase a display cabinet with multiple shelves on it. This way, you still take up less floor space while allowing your entire collection to be on display in one place. Placing a small shelf next to your bed with an amethyst on it can calm your mind and bring a sense of peace that helps improve sleep. No need to take up space on your nightstand — utilize the shelf and add other stones to it (so long as the shelf weight permits it!) and see how sleeping by these stones improves your mood.

crystal decor shadow boxes

Frame Your Crystals 

Something that has been very popular in home décor recently is framed gemstones. Typically, the gemstone will be displayed in some sort of deep frame or shadow box, and there are endless looks you can create with these pieces. Most often, people use agate slices in these framed boxes because they lay quite flat. Agate is a stone of balance, assisting with emotional, physical and intellectual balance — a key gemstone to have in any home or office. The fun thing about framed gemstones is that you can use tons of different kinds — as long as they fit inside the shadow box — and it is also a very fun and simple DIY project! A framed gemstone will definitely add a pop of natural beauty to any room that it hangs in.  

crystal decor trays

Displaying Gemstones on Top of Other Gemstones

A super unique way to display your gemstones is to place them on top of a slab of another kind of stone. Different slabs of gemstones come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and can be as simple as a small agate slice or as fancy as a gemstone tabletop. The fun here comes in arranging your crystal collection atop the slab and enjoying the contrast between the stones themselves and the slab they’re sitting on. 

With your arrangement, keep in mind what you might be needing in your life. If you need energy and positivity, make sure to highlight your quartz pieces in your display. However, if you’ve been suffering from anxiety, place your black tourmaline or lepidolite somewhere prominent in your arrangement. You can even get a gemstone candle holder or a gemstone tree to add a little something special to your arrangement. 

These are just a few of the many different ways you can display your gemstones, and hopefully this list inspires you to do something fun with your crystal collection! The best part of crystal and gemstone displays is that there is no wrong way to do it.