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Article: Shark Talk: All About Megalodon Shark Teeth

All About the Megalodon Shark

Shark Talk: All About Megalodon Shark Teeth

Where can you find Megalodon shark teeth? You may think of museums or research labs. However, the average person can own a fossilized tooth without restrictions.

You'll find numerous Megalodon shark teeth for sale at reasonable prices, and the condition of the tooth determines the value. Additionally, you can buy them in varying colors and sizes.

With that, you should only buy the teeth from a reputable seller who knows how to price them accordingly. This article will give you an in-depth look into the Megalodon shark and its teeth. Let's explore. 

When Did the Megalodon Exist? 

The Megalodon is the largest shark to exist on record and lived millions of years ago. Compared to the great white shark, this prehistoric animal was around three times the size of its modern relative. Its bite was also more powerful than the Tyrannosaurus rex. 

The actual size of the shark isn't certain, as scientists don't have a full fossil record. Some scientists suggest their colleagues exaggerated the size of the shark. 

Overall, the creature could have stretched an average of 33 feet in length; however, the creature could grow up to 60 feet. Researchers use fossilized teeth to measure the size of the shark.

The creature's diet included mammals, whales, and dolphins. They preferred warm seas and flourished in shallow waters. 

Researchers don't know when the giant shark went extinct, but they know it ceased to exist before human evolution. Most likely, they died out when the warm seas cooled due to the Ice Age. As a result, they could have succumbed to freezing temperatures and/or starvation. 

Humans have found Megalodon shark teeth on all continents except Antarctica. 

How Are Megalodon Teeth Found?

Experts find the fossilized teeth throughout North America, particularly the Carolinas and Florida. People also find them along the East Coast and California. However, people can find them in most parts of the world.

Megalodon tooth-hunting has a rich history going back to the 17th century. Beforehand, people believed thought these large teeth were moon rocks or dragon teeth. It wasn't until the later part of the 17th century that experts classified them as shark teeth. 

In particular, researchers can find them within creeks or caves. One good place to find them is near fossil sites. Overall, experts can find them in the following areas:

  • Beaches
  • Phosphate mines
  • Creeks 
  • Rivers

How many teeth does a Megalodon shark have? Each Megalodon had 276 teeth. Each tooth has serrated edges designed for ripping apart flesh.

Are Megalodon Teeth Valuable?

These teeth are valuable and sought after by many. The price of each tooth depends on the condition and the size.

  • Example: Teeth that are 2-to-5 inches are common. You can also find 7-inch teeth, but they are harder to find. A rare tooth can cost thousands of dollars. 

Many people who buy rare teeth are collectors. However, you can find fossilized teeth that suit your budget. Additionally, the teeth are great gift items because of their designs and glossy sheen. 

Many people also create Megalodon shark teeth necklaces. They also come in different colors: black, darkish grey, or brown. The teeth absorb the same color as the sediment locations.

You'll find most tooth colors in grey, black, or brown. The most common teeth are in river areas, where the phosphate levels color the teeth. You can find other colors, but they may come at a higher price.  

What Makes a Megalodon Tooth Valuable?

Appraisers assess the physical profile of the teeth. When examining the specimen, appraisers look at the serrated edges. The sharpness of the tooth garners more value. 

The tooth enamel is also paramount, including the root. A tooth with an intact physical profile will command a higher price. Overall, a valuable tooth can cost around $200. 

When shopping for the right one, search for a quality tooth instead of the cheapest one available. You can find cheap Magolodon teeth, but it may not be in the best condition. Worst of all, a cheap tooth could be fake. 

Why Should I Buy a Megalodon Tooth?

The glossy shine of the teeth and intricate design makes for a nice piece of jewelry. Moreover, the sheen stands out to the eye, and the different colors attract consumers of different tastes. Finders will also coat the teeth in polish to make it shine. 

Additionally, they will make a fine accessory in any home. They're also great conversation pieces. If you collect prehistoric items (i.e. T-rex teeth or mammoth teeth), Megalodon teeth would complement your collection. 

Most importantly, owning a Megalodon tooth is like having a piece of history in your hand.

It reminds you that this prehistoric creature lived long ago. The only other fossil record of the Megalodon shark is the spinal area. The cartilage frames of the extinct shark dissolved in saltwater throughout the ages.

As a result, these fossil teeth are among the few remnants of this magnificent creature. 

Megalodon Shark Teeth: What Should I Keep In Mind?

The most important thing is this: buy from a reputable dealer. Untrustworthy sellers may offer fake teeth. Also, they could try to sell worn teeth at a high price.

High-quality Megalodon shark teeth have serrated edges. Further, the enamel of the tooth should be present, including the root. Regardless of the condition, you don't have to drain your finances to own one of these magnificent specimens.

Interested in learning more about Megalodon shark teeth for sale? Click here to get more information about these prehistoric teeth. 

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