turquoise crystal properties

Turquoise is a famous mineral that can be found in a variety of colors and hues such as green, blue, dark blue, bluish green and yellowish green. It’s one of the most treasured and ancient gemstones at the root of Native American culture. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations in North America, Africa, Asia and South America used turquoise to create beautiful masterpieces of inlays, small sculptures and jewelry. 

What Is Turquoise Made Out Of?

Turquoise’s unique chemical makeup of hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum — which gives the gem its signature hue — explains why it is so popular and impressive. The name of the mineral is used in the English language as commonly as gold and silver. However, blue minerals are hard to collect, which is why the blue and green stone is highly sought after in the gemstone and mineral market. 

Some turquoise contains an abundant amount of inclusions derived from the host rock in which it is found. This is called a matrix and looks like black-brown spider webbing or dark patches within the stone. Some people who purchase turquoise prefer the matrix, while others prefer a purer look. It is a preference of beauty and personal attraction. 

Where Does Turquoise Come From?

The history of turquoise dates back to over 5,000 BC, with some stones found in ancient Iraq. Egyptian pharaohs like Tutankhamun used to mine for turquoise and make mosaic masks out of them. In North America, Native Americans mined their turquoise to make jewelry. They also believed that turquoise provided protection against evil forces, so they used it to guard their burial sites. 

Besides providing protection from all things evil, historically the beautiful colored stone has a lot of different properties of self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and encouragement. It is a type of strengthening stone that helps people overcome negative energy like depression and panic attacks. Turquoise can also be used to help realign your energy centers by clearing the path to higher-order consciousness. 

Keep turquoise close by as it is a magical stone of healing and positive affirmations. This eye-catching gem carries an infinite number of properties, so always be on the lookout for turquoise next time you visit our stores!
August 05, 2020 — Rudy Dagher

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