All About Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Have you ever seen sleeping beauty turquoise? Well, it is as beautiful as Princess Aurora herself. 

Regular turquoise is a popular blue stone that has a matrix (remnants of the rock it came from). But sleeping beauty turquoise is revered for its light blue color and clean look with little to no matrix. And that's just the beginning. 

Keep reading to learn all about this bright blue stone and why you should be wearing it. 

The History 

This stone has long been appreciated by Southwestern Native American cultures and is featured in many pieces of Native American jewelry. During the Anasazi period, Native American civilizations also used it for trade, religious ceremonies, and art.  

However, it didn't become mainstream until miners found it in abundance in an Arizonan copper mine. But it's not a surprise that it was found alongside copper, as turquoise is a by-product of copper mining. In fact, the large copper deposit surrounding the sleeping beauty mine gives this stone its vibrant blue color. 

When it was first discovered, many people thought it was the popular Persian turquoise because of its sky blue coloring. But eventually, it started gaining its own positive reputation. And in the 1970s and 80s, sleeping beauty turquoise was booming. 

It even reached Italy, and Italians in Torre del Greco bought so much that it became a globally known product. 

Today, sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry is often simplistic to let the beauty of the stone shine through. And many rings, necklaces, and bracelets are inspired by Native American culture. But sadly, Native Americans have been struggling with fake turquoise jewelry circulating among the real stones.  

Where Is It Mined? 

The sleeping beauty turquoise mine is near Globe, Arizona. The stone received its name from the mountains around the mine, which are shaped like a sleeping woman. However, this mine closed in 2012.

But surprisingly, it didn't close due to a lack of turquoise. This mine produced both turquoise and copper, and when it was sold to a new owner, they chose to focus on copper mining instead. 

This closure affected the sleeping beauty turquoise market and the prices have drastically increased since 2012. 

What Makes It Valuable? 

In general, sleeping beauty turquoise is valuable. However, different stones contain different values. 

The most sought-after sleeping beauty turquoise is stable enough to be in jewelry without further stabilization. Lower-grade turquoise may need stabilization, in which its pores are filled with epoxy or plastic. This makes it more suitable for jewelry but is less desirable because it isn't 100% pure. 

The most valuable stones will also have no matrix or discolorations. Sleeping beauty turquoise is known for the solid blue color, so that's what people are paying for. 

And in terms of weight, you will usually see stones that are under a carat. But as is with most jewelry, but the bigger the stone, the more value it has. 

How To Tell If It's Real 

Real sleeping beauty turquoise can sometimes be hard to spot.

But the best way to know if you're getting a real stone is by looking up a reliable dealer. And if you contact them with questions, it will become clear whether or not they are knowledgeable and sell real products. 

But aside from that, you can also look at the color, formation, and price of the stone. Fake ones can actually be epoxy resin, plastic, or howlite and dyed robins-egg blue. 

Search for pieces of lumpy dye or places where the color may actually be peeling off. And if the color looks too strikingly blue, it may be fake. 

Real sleeping beauty stones are a 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means they don't scratch easily. But howlite, the material used for dupes, is softer and will scratch. So if you take your nail and give it a scrape, a real stone won't scuff. 

And of course, if it's cheap, it's probably not real. These days, a single carat can be upwards of $50. So if you're seeing a price point at around $15, you're getting fake jewelry.  

Metaphysical and Healing Properties 

While some Americans say this stone represents the open Southwest sky, others believe it has metaphysical properties. People enjoy feeling the effects of the stone by wearing it, placing it on their body, or just having it around. 

As a color, blue calms the soul and reminds you of peaceful flowing water. So it's no surprise that sleeping beauty turquoise promotes inner peace and is often used in feng shui energy flow. 

Mentally, it brings emotional calm, deters mood swings, encourages creative problem solving, and improves communication. This communication is both with yourself and others, breaking down walls you have built up in your mind. 

Physically, it boosts the immune system, helps with inflammation, detoxifies the body, and relieves menstrual cramps. And because it is aligned with the throat chakra, so it is also thought to heal any illnesses of the throat. 

Spiritually, it protects you from evil and aligns the physical body with the spiritual one. So if you're exhausted in some way, it will bring energy back into your life. 

Go Purchase Some Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

It's amazing that a singular stone can have so much history, value, and spirituality. And even though it's unfortunately in short supply, it reminds you how precious it is. Anyone can feel like a royal while wearing such a stunning piece.  

And if you're drawn to this stone, get one before they're gone! Click here to shop the best sleeping beauty turquoise today.  

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