6 Epic Gifts for the Movie Buff or Sci-Fi Lover You Love

With the gift-giving holiday season quickly approaching, what do you get for someone who has everything or is ultra-picky? Even further, what if your guy or gal is a super geek and a traditional gift is not going to cut it? Maybe you know someone who always dreamed of becoming a paleontologist and they’re still enamored with fossils. Or maybe you have a movie buff or science fiction lover in your family. Here, we list six ideas for truly unique gifts that will wow even the nerdiest person on your list.

Here we list six ideas to please your loved ones! 

1. Movie Passes

Why not get movie theater passes or a gift certificate to a local theater? You could even scope tickets on a special date and time for a specific new action thriller or out-of-this-world science fiction flick! Make it an even hotter date night by incorporating a yummy dinner prior to the movie to make some lasting memories. Maybe get a 100 Movie scratch-off poster and make it a recurring event!

2. Meteorites

How about a little piece of outer space? You can literally give them the stars when you purchase a meteorite from the skies. You can find Russian or Argentinian meteorites at Kalifano inside the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes or at Caesars’ Forum Shops on the Strip in Las Vegas. These magnetic little marvels came from a far-off universe and broke through our atmosphere to land on planet Earth. It’s fun to imagine where they came from! 

3. Signed Posters or Memorabilia

This might be a little more tricky and cost a bit more, but what a nice impression it’ll make when you present your sweetheart with memorabilia from their favorite movie and even have it autographed! This epic gift can come in the form of a signed poster or action figure from a show, cartoon, movie or video game. Why not give them something you know they’ll already love?

4. Recycled Metal Sculptures

What if you could immortalize their favorite movie character and save the world at the same time? Consider gifting them a recycled metal sculpture in the shape of a Predator or Alien. These sculptures are created from recycled old car and motorcycle parts. What a neat way to upcycle and reuse materials, from trash to treasure! Maybe they really love Star Wars or Transformers. A Storm Trooper or Yoda or a Bumblebee or Optimus Prime–inspired sculpture would totally make their day. You can find a special one-of-a-kind keepsake to put in your loved one’s bedroom or jazz up a game room or office. 

5. Geeky Accessories

Bat Pegs are a thing — it’s actually a nice, fun way to hang your laundry to dry on a clothesline. A Chewbacca seatbelt cover or a Darth Vader coffee mug could be a great holiday gift for your favorite Star Wars fan. For your bearded beau, get him a House Stark beard comb. If Lord of the Rings is your loved one’s fan fave, get them the One Ring. For your cartoon and game nerd, get the Rick and Morty Monopoly board game. For even more options, check out this list of 18 neat gift ideas.

6. Fossils

For your archeologist or paleontologist-type friends or family, try to surprise them with a fish fossil. You can actually get a one-of-a-kind extinct Diplomystus or Knightia fish fossil to gift to your loved one. An interesting single Orthoceras (ancient squid) or even a school of them would possibly do the trick. Imagine giving them a Mosasaur jaw or tooth and reliving the dramatic scene from Jurassic World.

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