Happy Fathers Day to Mr. Alexander Kalifano!

Fathers day is a beautiful opportunity to recognize and honor all of the amazing fathers out there! We are honored to spend a moment to give a shoutout to KALIFANO's owner and father of four awesome kids, Ashraf Khalaf -- though many of you know him as Alex. 

Always a good sport, Alex with Fahima at a Halloween Party as Sonny & Cher.

Alex is an incredible boss, father, friend, husband, brother and son. Those who know and work with Alex consistently speak to his integrity and the quality of his character. In business, Alex works to treat each of his guests with respect and dignity and looks to build relationships with each guest rather than make a quick buck. His life is his work, and his work is his life. Alex truly loves coming to work every single day and often tells his kids how he never wants to retire. He literally wants to work until he cannot work anymore. 

Rami, Alex's middle son says, "Alex is more than just a boss to his employees, he is a friend, a mentor, and to some, he is a father. As his son, I am blessed to call him my father, my boss, and my friend. He consistently guides his children down the best path, teaches us the best he can, and he shows us that business is a way of life. He’s taught us that if you love what you do, that you’ll never “work” a day in your life. His passion and love for his work and his family has created a drive and a passion within us, his own children, to love what we do."

Mohammad (Alex's youngest son) articulates, "Alex has continued to find new ways and more to teach us all. Yes, he does teach us a lot about business and the unique items that we have the honor of sharing with the World, but so much more about life and the importance of doing good to others. Alex you are the perfect example of a father, not only to your kids, but to everyone. We love and thank you for everything you do. Happy Father’s Day."

Alex & Fahima at their engagement party in July of 1993.

Finally, Alex's daughter and youngest child Jannah (who he won't deny the fact that she is his favorite child) explains, "My dad is one of the strongest and hardest working person I know. He reminds me of the power of faith and is one of my greatest teachers . He is so considerate and kind to any person he comes in contact with. My dad is a comedian on the side and is ultimately one of my best friends."

As Alex's children, we are blessed beyond measure to wake up everyday with him as our role model. He shows us how a real man should act, with compassion, generosity, and honor. He shows us how a man should treat his wife and his daughter, and he shows our sister the kind of man she deserves. 

Alex is a respected community leader and consistently stands up for truth and justice. His favorite speech is Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a Dream". He works to apply the message and wisdom of that speech into all of his actions every day. Our Dad is also notable for his love of Bob Marley and has it playing whenever he is working the sales floor at KALIFANO. Most of all, our father inspires us each day with his devotion to his Islamic Faith and encourages all of us to live a life worth living. We pray that God blesses you always Dad, and gives you the best in this world and in the world beyond this one. 

Alex & Fahima's eldest son's Wedding in November of 2020.

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